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About Me

From a young age I have felt drawn to better understand myself and the people around me. I spent time in my youth volunteering with people with life-limiting illnesses and working with children with additional needs, this deepened a desire in me to see people access the support they need regardless of circumstance.


As a young adult I spent several years working in the homeless sector in London, often with people who had experienced many traumas and challenges in their life. I found that the support I offered was at times helpful and at times did not make an impact. I struggled to understand why and what made the difference. This led me to seek a greater understanding of our human-ness; what causes our suffering and how we can heal.


This on-going enquiry, coupled with my own desire to live with a greater sense of freedom, led me to train as a counsellor and develop my own personal practice. I see firsthand how the inner struggles people experience translate into their outer reality and am passionate about supporting people to liberate themselves from whatever is weighing them down. Working as a therapist, witnessing the openness, strength and resilience of people every day is both an inspiration and an honour.  

Experiencing for myself the joys and challenges of being a parent, I am passionate about supporting other parents to resource themselves and have an opportunity to parent in the way they want to. I have experienced firsthand the benefits for the whole family when a parent is able to feel their own needs are attended to. I draw upon the practice of connection-based parenting and have extensive experience of working in partnership with parents to help lighten the emotional load they are carrying.


My formal training was at the Dartmoor Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy, where I studied Humanistic Integrative Counselling, but the experiences I have every day as a practicing therapist, a mother and an adult are what most shape my practice and approach.


As an accredited member of the National Counselling Society. I uphold their code of ethics and fully adhere to their recommendations for regular supervision.

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