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How I Work

At the heart of how I work is the belief that everyone's choices and experiences are understandable if we give time and attention to understanding them. No matter where you are in your life, it is my belief that you have been doing your best with the resources and experiences you've had so far. We all need support at times and cannot exist alone. Therapy can be a way to help navigate life's challenges and a chance to heal from the hurts that can accumulate within us.


People come to see me with broad questions. This can be about their experiences as a child, how those are affecting life today; difficulties with family, work, relationships and wellbeing; as well as specific issues they need to work through with a supportive listener, such as divorce, addiction, health problems or grief. Sometimes, a simple feeling that life isn’t quite turning out how you hoped, can be the starting point for a conversation with a therapist.


I see therapy as a way of moving towards greater freedom. When we are supported it becomes more possible to gain insight into the ways we feel limited, to acknowledge and release the feelings that can keep us stuck and to find new ways to move through difficulty. Through our time together, you may find that new ways of relating to yourself and the world around you become possible.


The freedom that might emerge is one of feeling at home in your skin, just as you are. I will meet you with warmth and kindness, respecting the courage it takes to reach out and seek change.


I offer both short and long-term support. It may be that you don’t know how many sessions you want to have, this is ok too.

To illustrate what our sessions might be like, here are some of the ways we can work together:

  • Together, we can build a place of safety to explore uncomfortable experiences, often releasing the energy spent trying to manage or avoid the feelings around them.

  • We can sensitively and safely work with trauma held in the body, allowing these stuck or undigested experiences to be transformed, lessening the power they hold over everyday life.

  • I can help you build awareness of what you are experiencing inside your body, helping you harness this information to support and inform you.

  • We might use mindfulness and body-focused practices, to help you access the support of being in the present moment and not always caught in experiences from the past or anticipation of the future.

  • I can offer support to welcome home and integrate aspects of the self that have felt unwanted, unlovable or too painful; moving towards a greater feeling of wholeness.

  • I can support you to reconnect with all the resources you have to meet life confidently.

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